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The Dolphin is one of the old familiars in Botley, located on the south side of the High Street, next to the Market Hall. It is steeped in history and was, at one point, one of 14 inns in the village. It’s been around for centuries and we are proud companions to one or two former residents…


During the 2020 pandemic, the Brewery decided to shrink their ‘Managed House’ estate and offered the Tenancy, in the first instance, to the House Manager – Steve who then scrabbled around to find a willing volunteer to assist in securing the Dolphin. So here we are.


Many will have encountered Steve who has a formidable and well-earned reputation as a wonderful host and a superb landlord.  


To Kay, the Dolphin is home-from-home, having worked here for several years in the last century. The Dolphin in return, has enjoyed her patronage ever since. Kay helps with the dull bits of the business and only ventures out after dark so as not to frighten the locals.



It’s a match made in Botley and as they say, ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’.

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PAY BY PHONE parking at The Dolphin

The Car Park behind the Dolphin is managed by an external company not by the Dolphin itself. There is a restriction of 3 hours maximum free parking. You will need to use the pay by phone app to register your car after the three hours and enter the code on the sign, you then if you request will get a remind when you are near to exceeding the time. There are cameras as you enter and leave the car park that record the time you enter the car park and when you leave. 
You must register your car for any time over the three hours, and before you leave.


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